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Avatech built the first globally crowdsourced network of mountain safety information, powered by connected hardware and software. Avatech hardware products include the SP1 and SP2, rugged and portable smart avalanche probes that gather instant, objective information about the snowpack for professionals. Avanetâ„¢ is a cloud platform that helps professionals manage, track and share SP data as well as crowdsource snowpack, weather, and avalanche observations via the web and mobile.
During the 2014/15 winter season, the SP1 and AvaNet were used by 500 organizations across 34 countries. The SP1 takes over 5,000 measurements per second, provides accurate and repeatable results, and takes only seconds to output data that would take 15-20 minutes manually. The SP2 will have all the features of the SP1, with faster GPS and Bluetooth transfer, enhanced data visualization, improved user interface, easier data collection, a backlit screen for working in the dark, ability to tag slope and aspect and support for multiple languages.