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“Impact Investing” is making investments in companies to generate job creation along with a financial return. TVF is dedicated to assisting organizations and companies within the State of Colorado and the Colorado Plateau in developing a sustainable economic future by growing and nurturing new local enterprises as well as attracting business to relocate or establish branch operations or joint ventures with existing companies. TVF believes the impact of Job creation within the Region and the State of Colorado is vitally important to economic growth and TVF also plans to examine appropriate investments that meet this criteria.


The Fund has four main goals:

  • 01

    Be a catalyst for high growth businesses

  • 02

    Serve as an essential component of the developing entrepreneurial ecosystem within Telluride and the Colorado Plateau

  • 03

    Support “Impact Investing” (investments where the intention it to generate measurable social impact alongside a financial return)

  • 04

    Provide attractive returns for its investors

TVF and the TVA believe business success in early stage ventures must focus on:

Great Leadership

Experienced Team Efforts

Focused Execution

Continual Updated Business Planning

Sufficient Capital Resources

Strategic and Competitive Analysis

Rigorous Oversight by the General Partner and the TVF Advisory and Investment Commitees