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TVF is a profit driven company focused on careful selection (primarily from individuals, educational and scientific institutions) of equity investments in pre-seed or early stage ventures (e.g., innovative ideas with minimal infrastructure) to which TVF “adds” (1) advanced technical and commercial due diligence (2) experienced management expertise, (3) superior team leadership, (4) initial funding and (5) rigorous risk-adjusted oversight in order to promote and create breakthrough technologies that can become commercial successes.


Although not limited in its choices, TVF is especially interested in technologies
related to outdoor recreation, tourism, natural products, health, energy, water and education.

Research by TVF has shown that the most rewarding formula for investors to successfully bring seed and early stage ventures to fruition requires executing a series of critical markers:

  • Finding a Strong CEO
  • Dedicated Oversight Management
  • Adequate Funding

  • Experienced Operating Teams
  • Superior Market Analysis
  • Talent & Product Longevity

In reviewing possible investment opportunities TVF, in general, adheres to the following methodology:

  • Vet the technology from innovation to commercial application, service, or product, including any IP licensing requirements.
  • Investigate the commercial need and market opportunity and determine if there is a compelling business plan around the technology.
  • Present its initial findings to the members of the TVF Investment and Advisory Committees for their review.
  • Determine if there is the right leadership (CEO, Project Manager) to lead The Enterprise.

  • Assist in assembling adequate pre-seed and seed financing.
  • Help create the necessary connections/collaboration between interested and Strategic parties.
  • Help prepare the company for an “A” round, or strategic relationship.